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Cristian utilizza per la sua preparazione i dispositivi Lifewave, Energy Enancher e Y-age!

I find the energy patch work great the only feeling was after using it for 5 consecutive days under heavy training I feel like I push my body to the limit so I stop for 2 or 3 days and back on them so was great.

The AEON patch work great I used on the neck and I had neck pain for a long time after a crash I had 8 months ago and after a week or 10 days the pain disappear. also I feel really calm and focus when using it.

Using the Carnosine and Glutathione in combination with the energy and Aeon was really good. Now I'm looking for a more detailed way to use the patch as we were talking in the meeting I would like to get a specific protocol for my sport (alpine Skiing)


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